A Degreaser Cleaner Can Keep Your Home Clean and Your Family Safe

A Degreaser Cleaner Can Keep Your Home Clean and Your Family Safe

Cleaning an oven or other heavy cleaning job requires the use of a strong cleaning tool. The degreasers you will typically find on the market are usually full of harsh chemicals that can be dangerous. The chemicals do help clean, but the difference is not really that noticeable. The degreaser cleaner that is full of chemicals does not necessarily perform any better than a cleaner that does not contain toxic chemicals. However, the non-toxic cleaner will keep your home clean as well as safe.

Manufacturers use these harsh chemicals because most people believe that they are necessary to do a good job. The bad part is that the chemicals have a great many side effects that are not pleasant for the user. They have a very harsh chemical odor and will pollute the air in your home. You will have to ventilate the area well before you use a product with these harsh chemicals. The side effects of the chemicals can include, dizziness, headaches, and stomach queasiness. There has even been research that has shown the continued use of these products can cause serious health problems. In fact, pregnant women should not use these products to avoid any possible harmful effects on the baby.

These chemicals can also be harmful to the environment and the manufacturers have included specific instruction for the disposal of the containers and waste. You should also wear rubber gloves whenever you are using one of these degreaser cleaners. The waste that is produced by these products can cause a serious problem for landfills. Not only must you dispose of the containers, you must also dispose of the rubber gloves.

There is an alternative to the harmful degreasers. Citrus degreasers have been proven to be as effective and much less harmful than their chemical laden counterparts. You will find degreaser cleaners that are biodegradable and will not cause any side effects. They are made from natural ingredients and will not cause any harm in your home. (An example of this type of product is Fuller Brush product #625 Fulsol Spray and Wipe, which is a biodegradable product made from citrus.)

You will still need to take the usual precautions, like keeping them out of the hands of children, but they otherwise are completely safe. As the effects that non-biodegradable products have on the environment become more and more known, manufacturers have begun to package their products in recycled plastic. You will not have to wrap the containers up before you dispose of them and they can be put right in the recycle bin.

The effectiveness of these products and their environmental impact has caused many large companies to begin using citrus degreasers. It is not just the environmental impact that has these companies using the products, but they are effective as well. These citrus products are not just made from oranges; many have corn as their main ingredient with the extra-added power of orange oil for cleaning. They have a very pleasant odor. When looking for products that contain citrus look for the ingredient ‘D-limolene.’ Orange oil is very powerful when it is used on its own, that is why it is used in small amounts in degreaser cleaners. When orange oil is mixed with other ingredients the degreaser cleaner is able to pick up and dissolve dirt. The combining of ingredients makes the products very effective and safe for many different purposes.

You may have heard of using a degreaser cleaner for cleaning ovens, barbecues or engines. They are also very effective at cleaning a variety of other items in your home, like carpets. Make sure you read the label for the strength and if you should dilute the cleaner for specific purposes. You can use these cleaners in your bathtub, toilet, shower, grout, floor, tile, and glass among many more areas. A citrus degreaser cleaner is a very effective and efficient cleaner for your home.

Citrus is being researched for other uses apart from their use in degreaser cleaners. They are looking into their use in agriculture and for products that are harmful to humans and animals. No matter what other uses that citrus may have, their use in degreaser cleaners will be continued for some time.