A Review Of The Woll Cookware Ranges

A Review Of The Woll Cookware Ranges

Woll cookware is regarded as one of the best cookware manufactures in the world. They combine the use of high quality pre processed aluminium alloys and patented manufacturing technology to create highly durable cookware that provides outstanding cooking quality. All of Wools pans are cast by hand and then cut and ground, they are then hardened using a 20,000 degrees Celsius plasma jet before being turned off to create micro fine finish. Woll now has a wide range of different cookware that includes casserole pots, frying pans; grill pans, saucepans, sauté pans and even cooking utensils.

Wolls customary range of pans is know as the logic range that provides both quality and functionality within a traditional design. The pan has a seven millimetre thick body that can absorb extremely high heats without becoming damaged or distorted. The pan provides a heavy duty not stick coating that provides an excellent cooking surface, the pans also incorporates an oven proof fixed handle so that you can take food straight from the hob to the oven.

The Woll nowo titanium pan makes light work of good cooking, with it including all the things that make the logic range so great, but also has substantially less weight. The pans surface is extremely reliable and has a cut resistant surface that helps protect from any potential damage from cooking utensils. The nowo titanium has detachable handles that enable to pan to be turned into a casserole dish that can be oven safe at very high temperatures. The handles can also be changed to different variants from fixed, to detachable and side handles.

The Woll diamonds best range provides outstanding cooking with the use of nanotechnology. The pan contains an ultra hard coating that sees the surface implanted with diamond crystals ensuring that it has the best non-stick properties and is exceptionally durable to any potential cuts, scratches or abrasions.

The concept pro range of Woll cookware utilise a very new multilayer technology that combines the best of stainless steel and aluminium alloys to create ideal cookware as heat is distributed evenly throughout the bottom and sides of the pan. This enables the pan to be extremely energy efficient and perfect for induction. The range also includes litre marks inside the pan to view how much content you have within it, and round rim for ease of pouring and a multi functional lid that can operate in a range of different positions to suit what you are cooking.