Add Some Sparkle to Your Backyard With a Bamboo Tiki Bar

Add Some Sparkle to Your Backyard With a Bamboo Tiki Bar

Summer time is fast approaching and while many are planning barbecues for warm weather holidays, birthdays and outdoor picnics, many homeowners are looking for new ways to add character and style to their outdoor living environments. While it could be simple to reorganize your outdoor furnishings, or change the colors on your cushions and outdoor pillows, why not up the ante and include a bamboo tiki bar into the mix?

These tiki bars are ideal for outdoor entertaining because it acts as a main location for the food and drinks you serve, outdoor décor and a focal point while engaging your party guest. Many people love the look of this type of bar because it also creates an authentic look to a tropically themed party.

Here are few reasons that bamboo tiki bars are a great addition to your backyard or outdoor living space:

1.    Bamboo is an environmentally sustainable product that you’ll feel good about purchasing. It isn’t just the hippies and tree huggers that are looking out for the well-being of our planet. Americans all over the nation are looking for new ways to shop smarter and use products that use a smaller carbon footprint. Bamboo is considered a sustainable resource because it’s the fastest growing plant ever known, sometimes reaching more than 3 feet per day.

2.    The upkeep and maintenance of bamboo is incredibly easy. To keep the original color of your outdoor bar, you simply have to wash it down with soap and water. If your spills are a bit messier, you could also use a pressure washer to clean it. Once the bar is clean, let it dry and apply a water sealing stain to keep the longevity of your bar last for years to come.

3.    These bars come with a number of amenities and accessories that accent the piece of furniture. Some homeowners often times find it hard to find a complete set of matching outdoor furniture without breaking the bank. Once you find a set of chairs, tables and cushions you like, it’s hard to find correlating accessories that match. However, with a bamboo bar, a number of decorative ornaments are available for the choosing. Do some research and look for items such as thatch roofing, bamboo paneling, bamboo fencing and borders, ornate wood carvings, tiki statues and even bamboo flooring to match your bar. Since bamboo has a natural color to it, you’ll have no problem at all adding your own distinct and colorful flair to the outdoor space you design.

4.    Outdoor bars add convenience during an al fresco party. Nothing is worse for a party host or hostess than having to spend more time walking back and forth from the kitchen to the backyard, all while trying to entertain their guests. Party hostesses often times find their self running back and forth from the inside of the house to the outside because they have to space to put all of their refreshments, appetizers or main dishes. But with an outdoor bar, you have a place to neatly put out all of your goodies for your guests to feast on.