Beko Home Appliances – Energy-Saving Electrical Devices for Your Home

Beko Home Appliances – Energy-Saving Electrical Devices for Your Home

Home appliances are all those appliances found inside the home. These comprise everything from electric toothbrushes to washers/dryers. They are often classified as white goods and brown goods. Brown refers to those appliances finished with wood while white goods refer to products like air conditions, dishwashers, stoves, refrigerators, washing machines and others.

Beko is one of the leading suppliers of wide ranges of domestic appliances. Equipped with the latest technology, this dealer has different products that are suitable for the needs of many consumers. Reliability, quality, efficiency and great value are the best features that made their products popular today.

This company offers various choices with exceptional quality and reassure good value products. From side-by-side design to a large capacity combination of fridge-freezer, the available ranges combine the latest technology with great efficient performance.

Beko Refrigerations
All refrigeration appliances are rated “A” when it comes to preserving the energy and offering great performance to reduce the electricity bill. The four-door refrigerator has 610 litres gross capacity comes packed with great design and features including multi-zone compartment. It has a side-by-side frost free freezer, advanced digital display on the freezer door, dual zone compartment and finger print free easy to clean stainless steel doors. It has two evaporators and two fans, eliminates odour transfer, quick and efficient cooling and easy to use double twist and serve trays.

Beko Laundry
All washing machines in the “Excellence” range are rated A+ because they help save money by reducing at least 10 percent in energy consumption. WMB91242L washing machine is a perfect choice for flexibility, convenience, and performance. Its main features include daily quick wash, Xpress 14, Eco clean, XL door, interactive LCD display and automatic half load. Water levels are automatically reduced when half or smaller loads are washed. A full load can be washed in just 39 minutes.

Beko Diswashing
Beko dishwashers provide great performance with minimal energy consumption by its impressive higher rating for energy efficiency. DFN1000X one touch dishwasher is fully automatic and requires one button press to begin the cleaning process. It has 11 sensors that sense dirt level, water hardness level and wash load, and assess which of its five level programmes to run to give sparkling results. It has an extra silent 42-dBA noise level that offers calm environment for your kitchen. It automatically shuts off when the water inlet hose begins to leak.

Beko Cooking
0IM25503 built in oven offers a range of cooking solutions to prepare the perfect meal of the moment. It features the lowest energy consumption in the world in its class. It has oleophobic nano coating on inner glass doors with a massive oven capacity of 65 litres. It has an easy to use fully programmable animated electronic timer, sensitive temperature adjustment, cooking rack level suggestions and 12 functions such as three-dimensional cooking, pizza, bottom heater, keep warm and defrost.