Belize – Retire in Paradise

Why Retire in Belize?

Belize, Mother Nature’s Best kept Secret

Belize can tickle the fantasy of any person with its captivating beauty. With the Caribbean Sea to its east and superfluity of waterfalls, rivers and lagoons caressing the entire country, Belize is known as the blue beauty of the world. Year-round activities such as boating, fishing, diving, snorkeling, horseback riding, bird watching, and caving, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, tubing, windsurfing, hiking, biking, swimming, outdoor barbeques can be enjoyed in clean and unpolluted Belize. Scuba divers and water sports adventurers across the world have made waters of Belize their home. The varied and rare flora and fauna thriving in the waters and jungles of Belize gives you an opportunity to experience wildlife as never before. Tourists from all over the world crowd in Belize to watch these rare species. The tropical forests of Belize will leave you enchanted. The Mayan ruins and heritage sites are architectural masterpieces and reflect the Mayan culture that once existed in Belize. There are plenty of resorts in and around of all these happening places makes it merrier. A retiree will always have a feel of being on tourism trip and will find him re-inventing himself everyday.

Belizean People and Culture

Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America and English is the official language here. It is taught in schools and colleges as a primary language. Spanish is also spoken on a high level. Belizean people are known for their hospitality and politeness everywhere. From the moment you arrive here, you will be getting assistance and help in everything you want from the locals. The population here is 25 persons per square kilometer. An array of traditions and customs that represent more than 10 diverse cultures thrive in Belize. Still the harmony that thrives among the people of Belize is unmatchable. The moment you arrive in Belize, you will feel as comfortable as you do in your own hometown. A retiree can never feel lonely with the friendly, spirited, educated, polite and kind people of Belize being around.

Climate of Belize

Belize is subtropical country caressed with trade winds. Traditionally, November to January are the coolest months and May to September but the cool and warm is never in excess here. The temperature in Belize is the real punch in attracting people from across the globe. The temperature here ranges from 50°F in the beautiful mountains to 95° in the western sides with the annual average temperature around 75°F. The average annual rainfall here around 60 inches making sure there is no scarcity of water.

People Friendly Government

Belize is a British Commonwealth country. The government here is democratic and the faith of people in democracy is very firm. The judiciary is independent here and the legislature is Bicameral. The government policies here are completely focused on continuously making the standard of living for the Belize people very high.

Live King Size

The visitors and people who have relocated to Belize find the general cost of living here very affordable. Retirees can easily live here with their family comfortably in budget going less that US $ 1500 per month. Labor and services can be procured in Belize at a very low cost. You can hire a full time house keeper just for US $ 15. The grocery, health care, daily needs, water and electricity are highly inexpensive here.

No Property Purchasing Hassles in Belize

A non Belizean has the same property rights in Belize as that of a Belizean. No restrictions are imposed on non-citizens or non-residents. The purchasing process is only of about 30 to 90 days in Belize. Capital gains, inheritance tax and low property tax are not imposed in Belize when purchasing a property. The retired person incentive program was enacted in 1999 under which the retirees can import all their belongings duty free and gain special residency status by fulfilling some basic requirements. The procedure of title ownership is very clear and simple here. No hidden costs are involved in the property transactions. The property transactions are done in US dollars.


Water and electric facilities are provided by the local/municipal authorities and the Belize Electricity Board respectively. You would not have to grumble while acquiring these basic facilities in Belize. The road systems are developed to facilitate easy transport for locals. The major highways throughout the country are paved and covered with firm surface. The secondary roads are constructed of compacted white marl or similar material. In master planned communities, the Government of Belize gives approval to the developer to sell property and transfer title only after inspecting whether proper road facilities are provided. The waste treatment is provided with every estate for proper disposal of waste.

Comfortable Transport

Bus facilities in Belize are inexpensive, efficient and safe. The frequency of buses is very high and with the superb quality roads in Belize, bus transport is very efficient. All the towns and districts are well connected through buses. Little traffic, paved major highways, accessible fuel stations and tropical scenery make road trips by car very fascinating and easy. Belize is also well connected through airways. Frequent international and local flights fly in and out of the country. The retirees will have no problem roaming around and enjoying Belize. Travelling here is as comfortable as it can get.

Planned Communities of Belize

Many planned communities are set up in Belize where the retirees can settle. These planned communities are very affordable and are well connected with all the major cities. The facilities provided here are par excellence. From schools to professional business centers, everything is at a hands distance. Life here is completely secure.

Belize has everything that a retiree wants. A tourist here always leaves with a dream of settling down in Belize. Belize is surely the place where every retiring person will love to live.

Live your retired life in Belize in peace amidst full of adventure.