Ceiling Fans With Heaters – The Energy Saving Benefits

Ceiling Fans With Heaters – The Energy Saving Benefits

Are you looking at ceiling fans? They can make a big difference in your home environment. In summer, they can make you feel several degrees cooler. In winter, they can make you feel warmer. This can save money on energy bills. There is a way to be even more comfortable in the cool weather. You might consider installing a ceiling fan with heater.

These models can make a big difference in the cold weather. Not all furnaces will make the house cozy in the cold weather. Sometimes, one room may be much cooler than the others. If you turn the heat up, it may be too warm in other parts of the house. However, if you have your own heat source, your room can stay warm and comfortable.

The new models have remote control access. This means that you can adjust the room temperature with the touch of a button. Your unit may be on cool. However, you may feel that you need some warmth. Choose heat and it will reverse the blades and begin to shower you with warm air.

You can also get light kits with them. This gives you complete control over the lighting as well as the temperature. Remote control makes operation simple.

Some models will have automatic heat. When the room temperature drops below a set level, they will turn on. This will keep your room at a constant comfortable temperature.

These models are made to be energy efficient. You can save money on your winter heating bills. You may decide to shut a room off from the furnace. This way, it will heat the rest of the house more easily.

People in cold climates will appreciate these fans. In very cold weather, the nights can be too cool. You can turn the thermostat on the furnace down. Have one in each bedroom. This will help to keep from drying the air out.

In warm climates they can be very handy. You may not wish to run your central heat in winter. It you have one of these in each bedroom, it may be sufficient. You may wish to put one in the living room, also.

It is also much safer this way. Every year there are many house fires due to space heaters. These units are safely out of the way. There is no danger of them being tipped over and starting a fire.

It is also much safer than kerosene of wood heat. There is no need to carry wood in, or refill a kerosene unit. Once these units are installed, there is no more work.

Do not attempt to install these models if you do not have the proper training or knowledge. You should have a basic understanding of electricity and electric home wiring. With this knowledge, it should not be difficult to install. If you are unsure, make certain that you have it installed by a professional. Home safety is always the most important consideration.


Installing a ceiling fan with heater has many benefits. It is an excellent source of supplemental heat. It is much safer than many other alternatives. You can control the room temperature and lighting with remote control. Some models will keep the room a constant temperature.