Choosing Lighting for Gardens

Homeowners increasingly seek to add value to their property by making the most of the space available to them. This trend is driven by rising property prices and falling lending rates, making moving home impossible for many. Gardens offer additional space outside of the house which can still be well used in the Summer months and investment in garden furniture and lighting for gardens has increased in recent years. Lighting for gardens is still a pricy investment, although costs are falling and it does represent a good investment.

Choosing the appropriate garden lighting depends on the obvious factors: budget and space. Most specialist retailers stock lamp posts, post lights and patio lighting, as well as portable low level lights. When budget is a major issue, modern low level lights are a good choice. They are available at most garden centres and are very inexpensive. The benefit for most gardeners of these low level post lights is that they are simple to install- often only needed to be firmly placed into the ground. They are also usually solar powered, so have no running costs. Unfortunately, this does give them the downside of being less striking.

Post lighting is a slightly more expensive option for garden lighting. Post lighting generally refers to small lamps which are intended to be installed on gate posts or wall posts. These tend to require electrical installation although some solar powered versions will be available. It is important to remember that solar powered versions will not be so bright.

Patio lighting is a generic term which may refer to external wall lighting: lamps which are mounted onto walls or post lighting as described above. Patio lighting is a must if a homeowner intends to make a seating or dining area to be enjoyed at dusk on summer evenings then patio lighting is crucial. Specialist lighting stockists are able to advise.

Many homeowners opt to bring a traditional feel to their garden through use of lighting and there is no better way than through use of Victorian style lamp posts. These are available from specialist retailers both online and in store, although buying online may be a better option as quality stockists are few and far between. These are expensive options and do require proper installation, however for many people there is no substitute for these traditional posts which create a welcoming feel to a front garden or driveway.