Espiritu Santo Real Estate – An Island of Potential

Espiritu Santo Real Estate – An Island of Potential

In the South Pacific, Vanuatu is a nation of untapped potential. The archipelago consists of 83 islands and is seeing a lot of development as investors realise the possibilities present. A rich culture and history in the nation dates back thousands of years, giving Vanuatu character and intrigue that draws tourists from all over. For those looking abroad for investment opportunities, and those who have always dreamed of owning a piece of island property, Vanuatu presents some stunning options.

The largest island in the nation, Espiritu Santo, is home to Luganville, Vanuatu’s busiest export port and the second largest city in the country. The largest city, Port Villa, resides south on the island of Efate. The past ten years has seen an upward trend in property price and development of Efate and Espiritu Santo real estate that is exciting investors internationally.

Santo has been a focal point of activity since the war of the Pacific. When US troops were stationed on the island in huge numbers, development of Luganville began. Large streets were built so trucks could drive four abreast and many commercial businesses popped up along the main roads.

Development continued after the war and people began visiting the islands for holidays more than anything else. Diving is a huge draw to the islands, and Espiritu Santo is no exception. The SS President Coolidge was a converted luxury cruise ship, 200 metres long, used to carry troops during World War II. Its wreckage sees divers visit from all over the world and is now a protected marine reserve. Being one of the largest cities and home to plenty of resorts and luxury accommodation, many tourists choose Santo when looking for somewhere to stay during their trip. Beaches, golf courses and village tours are other popular island attractions.

For those looking to escape the confines and stress of city life and the red tape of the western world, Vanuatu offers investment opportunities with good returns and an exciting change in lifestyle.

The local people of the island continue to farm and fish in trade, and help support the developing tourism industry that shows so much potential.
Away from the towns many still live very much in the ‘custom’ manner of their ancestors – and for many visitors this is what makes a Santo a unique destination.
While Luganville hasn’t developed as much as its counterpart Port Villa has in terms of westernisation, development and investment potential as well as the possibility for cheap residential property purchases remains strong. Santo’s unspoiled nature is its attraction.

Its close proximity to Australia (two-hour direct flight from Brisbane), New Zealand and other pacific nations gives investors good reason to buy and develop land. With blocks of beachfront, island property available for the same price as a modest home in other countries, it certainly is an attractive option! Waterfront blocks of Espiritu Santo real estate are available for as little as $60,000 USD and islands are for sale as low as four hundred thousand dollars. So why hesitate? Now is the time to score yourself a prime piece of island real estate.