Experience Serenity and Life in Isle of Wight

Experience Serenity and Life in Isle of Wight

There will be no dull moments during your Isle of Wight holidays. The innumerable things that await the whole family will complement your grand vacation. Whether you go for the historical and educational tour or into adventurous and exciting activities, staying at one of the spacious Isle of Wight cottages would make your vacation more enjoyable. Their close proximity to major tourist attractions, their clean, comfortable accommodations, and the luxurious facilities make the Isle of Wight cottages the number one choice for tourists. If your itinerary is not yet complete, witness the two faces of the island during the day and at night time. For sure, you will have the best of both worlds and make your Isle of Wight holidays the most memorable vacation in your life.

Mottistone Manor Garden

The Isle of Wight cottages have pet-friendly accommodations that can allow your dogs to spend the vacation with you. If you deserve a break from your usual stress, the animal needs the same retreat. The Mottistone Manor garden is one of the most serene places that you must visit during your holidays. The Mediterranean-styled garden allows you to walk with your dog and experience the freshness of nature. The borders are filled with herb brimming in various colours. As you walk along, the path leads you to the spectacular manor house designed in the Elizabethan age. Feel closer to nature and imbibe its positivity. This is one of the rare moments where you can be one with nature. If you have your whole family with you, turn it into a bonding moment. Your spouse and your children will love the quality and quiet time you can have at the Mottistone manor garden. Engage in a romantic conversation with your partner and a heart-to-heart talk with your children. Your Isle of Wight holidays can be a great opportunity to know your family even better.

King Harry’s Bar

The gardens depict the serene living during your holidays. But at night time, you can bring out the party spirit from your friends and family. The lively bars near your Isle of Wight cottages show the other insouciant phase, aside from the daytime tranquillity of the island. If you feel like partying, the King Harry’s bar is highly recommended. It is located in Glenbrooke Hotel near Ventnor. 19th century architecture inspires the design of the bar. The spacious parking area allows you to conveniently park your vehicle. You can dine either at the relaxing indoor area or at the scenic outdoor dining patio. The overlooking stream and abundant flowers and squirrels during summer make the outdoor dining more relaxing. Since it is opened until 11 pm during weekdays and until 12 pm on Sundays, you do not have to be in a hurry to go back to your comfortable cottages.