Fire Blankets – A Trouble-Free and Valuable Tool For Fire Emergencies

Fire Blankets – A Trouble-Free and Valuable Tool For Fire Emergencies

Fire safety equipment is one aspect of fire prevention that should be prioritized by many homeowners, building proprietors and business holders. There is a wide array of fire safety devices offered in this present day and age. One such reliable fire device is a fire blanket. Although they are not as popular as fire extinguishers, fire blankets can still be considered as one of the most effective and efficient fire fighting tools that can combat a fire in its early stages.

Much like a fire extinguisher, a fire blanket is primarily used to put out small fires which can eventually turn into scorching flames. This blanket has been around for quite some time and has been used to assist people caught in fire by wrapping this cloth on the person and smothering the fire before it spreads to his clothes. Nowadays, it is used in the same way but the blanket is not made out of merely plain fabric anymore. It is now manufactured from retardant materials such as fiberglass. These materials can withstand temperature that can increase up to 900 degree Celsius. The blanket is able to put out the fire by cutting off the fire’s supply of oxygen and therefore breaking the triad.

A fire blanket has a special feature that can be quite advantageous in comparison with a fire extinguisher. For one, it is has the ability to control chip pan fires. This fire accident has primarily been the cause of many fire outbreaks of homes in the UK. This type of fire cannot be controlled by any type of extinguisher as it will aggravate the fire even more rather that put it out. To manage this fire, it is recommended that the stove or heat source be turned off and the blanket strategically placed over it. This fire fighting tool can also be very beneficial for burning equipments such as personal computers and television. It is a great alternative if you want to protect some parts of the appliance.

Although it is uncomplicated to use this kind of fire safety device, it is always best to educate yourself on how to properly take care and maintain it. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is that these sheets should be used only for incipient fires and should never be used against those that have already erupted into flames and have reached the ceiling. These types of fires can be very dangerous so it is much better to escape immediately rather than fight it off yourself. You should also remember to wrap your hand with the fabric to ensure your own protection.

Fire blankets are essential fire safety equipment tools that every home and workplace must have. For the most favorable results, do not forget that in order for your home to remain safe, you should use these blankets in combination with other fire safety equipment such as smoke detectors to complete your whole contingency plan against a fire outbreak. With all these in mind, you can be guaranteed that you are one step toward creating a more secured and fire-safe home.