Floor Standing Air Conditioner – Three Advantages Over Central Air Conditioning

Floor Standing Air Conditioner – Three Advantages Over Central Air Conditioning

In these times it seems just about everyone’s favorite hobby is saving money. Many households have looked at their expense bills and realized that the air conditioning cost in the summer and heating costs in the winter are the highest contributors to the household expenses. When you have come to the same conclusion, and want to learn how to reduce your air conditioning and heating costs, then in this article we will go over three advantages of a floor standing air conditioner versus the central air conditioning. These are: Floor standing air conditioner is cheaper to buy and cheaper to run, One can selectively cool separate rooms or zones, It needs no ducts.

The initial cost and the cost of running the AC

The only way you could save money with central air conditioner as compared to a floor standing air conditioner is when you would need to install and use a floor standing air conditioning in all rooms of the house at all times. Then, maybe a central air would come out ahead of the cost. But when was the last time that you used the bedroom and the living room simultaneously? So, due to the fact that not all rooms need to be cooled or heated at the same time in most houses, the floor standing AC units are less expensive to buy and to operate.

Selectively cool or heat separate rooms or zones with floor air conditioner

With a standing air conditioner, you can individually control the air temperature, and the air direction for every zone in the house. This becomes important when there are several people in the room with different temperature comfort zones. Also, some people prefer a light breeze in their hair, while others prefer stationary air. By carefully directing the cold air flow with a floor standing AC unit, you should be able to satisfy both types even when they are in the same room.

No ducts

It is quite clear that some of the “modern” houses built recently are bigger and occupy bigger and bigger part of the acreage devoted to the house. And I have a feeling that this is only in part because the rooms are getting bigger and bigger. The other contribution to the size of the modern houses comes from the large central air conditioning unit with much space devoted to air ducts. In this sense, you are paying for the duct “floor space” when you are purchasing the house. On the other hand, the floor standing AC unit is only used when needed, and can be stowed away. Or it can be moved from room to room as needed. And they require no ducts. Since ducts are a source of heat loss, a floor standing AC unit can be more efficient too as there are no duct related heat losses.