How Can an Anti-Vibration Pad Help Ensure Safe and Quiet Cycles in the Washer and Dryer?

How Can an Anti-Vibration Pad Help Ensure Safe and Quiet Cycles in the Washer and Dryer?

Washers and dryers have a tendency to make loud noises, as many homeowners can attest. The constant thrashing sound made by some washers can be distracting, and if your washer or dryer sits on an upper floor in your home, it may also sound like the washer or dryer is going to fall through the ceiling when a full load is in place. The solution to these problems are anti-vibration pads that can be gently placed beneath the washer and dryer to absorb the vibrational activity, decrease the noise level, and ultimately encourage a better living environment for the whole family.

What is an Anti-Vibration Pad Used for?

An anti-vibration pad is an essential component to help stop the noise and commotion that can sometimes result during the spin cycle. The pad can be used either on a washer, dryer, or both appliances to help ensure a smooth and noise-free cycle every time. The pad will also keep your washer from ‘walking’ – or bouncing up and down so forcefully that it moves about in the laundry room.

Stabilize Your Appliances and Stop Washer and Dryer Shaking

The anti-vibration pad is ideal for people whose washer or dryer frequently shakes or vibrates during cycles. These small pads are placed underneath the legs of the washer and dryer and hold the appliances upright so that they will stay in places and not bounce up and down on the floor, sending vibrations through the whole house in some cases. With an anti-vibration pad, you can successfully ensure that your washer or dryer has the insulation necessary to prevent loud vibrations from occurring. This is an especially important device for people who put their washer and dryer on an upper floor in their home.

Benefits to Using an Anti-Vibration Pad

The pads will fit virtually any washer or dryer, and they will not stain your floors. You can put these pads under front-loading washers and dryers, stackable units, or on a pedestal. These pads are durable and long-lasting, as most are expected to last just as long as your washer or dryer. The installation is quick and easy, and you will be amazed at the difference these small rubber pads will make in ensuring that your laundry appliances are safe and immovable even during the spin cycle.

If you are searching for a way to keep your washer and dryer from vibrating and making excessive noise in your home, a rubber anti-vibration pad may be just the solution that you need. These pads are designed to provide a more stable environment for your washer and dryer, and they are also very sturdy and work well with any type of washer or dryer. These small adhesive rubber discs fit easily onto the legs of your washer or dryer to help mask the vibrational noise that sometimes causes the floor to shake or the appliance to move from its position. With an anti-vibration pad, you will be able to significantly improve the shaking and noise created by many washers and dryers.