How to Burglar Proof Your Home Without Spending a Dime

How to Burglar Proof Your Home Without Spending a Dime

When you take measures to burglar proof your home it can save you in many ways, not to mention, heaps of money on your homeowner’s insurance premiums. But protecting your home does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money. Here is how to burglar proof home without spending a dime.

When you hear the words “burglar proof your home”, what springs to mind are expensive and high-end home security devices. But what if owning these devices is beyond your budget? Does that mean that you have to leave your home vulnerable to unwanted intruders?

If you think that the answer is yes, then it simply means that you’re allowing them to take control of your lives. The truth is there are other no-cost and low-cost tricks that you can employ to protect your possessions and your life.

Here are some helpful tips on how you can keep your house safe that won’t cost you any money.

Start From the Outside of Your House

Strategic landscaping is the key. Why? This is the first thing that burglars see. Look around your yard. Does your landscaping offer them a place to hide? Do trees create shadows that could camouflage their presence? Let’s make it harder for burglars to go near your doorsteps by doing the following:

  • Cut lower branches of large trees in your property
  • Regularly trim bushes to prevent thieves hiding behind them.
  • Decorative trellises should be kept away from windows or porches. Burglars sometimes use these to clamber up to your second floor windows.
  • Thorny bushes should be useful when planted below your windows (first floor). Check whether or not they close enough to the house so that no one can wedge between the bush and your house.
  • Trees beside your exterior windows and doors must be eliminated. Burglars could hide in these places when you answer the door.
  • Never leave ladders and other gardening tools outside of your house. Burglars may use them to their advantage.
  • If you’re not willing to spend on expensive security and solar motion lights, go to the nearest store and get yourself the cheapest light that you can afford. Find the brightest and the biggest light to install in your house entries and yard. But, never forget to turn them on, especially when you are away.
  • If you use solar powered lights they will not add anything additional to your electric bill and fall within our no cost guidelines.

Let’s Go to the Inside of your Home

  • To have a burglar proof home, make sure that all your windows are secured. Burglars love using windows as they are easy to open. Here are some tips on how you can fortify your home security:
  • Use window locks. Be sure that the keys are kept away from the window.
  • Leave your keys to a trusted neighbor to be used during emergency. Don’t climb in your window just to get your spare. You’re giving burglars ideas on how to get in your house.
  • Here are a Few More Tips to Burglar Proof Your Home
  • Don’t forget to close and lock all your doors and windows when you’re away. This includes your garage and basement doors and windows.
  • Don’t forget to cover your garage windows. You can use a dark-shaded paper or curtains so that burglars won’t know if you’re not home by peeking at the window.
  • Never leave notes on your doors. This is a sure indication that nobody’s inside.
  • If you will be away for a long time, postpone all deliveries.

Start a Neighborhood Watch Program

  • It won’t cost anything to get your neighbors together and agree to start a watch program. Every can volunteer to take on certain times when they will watch the homes on your street.
  • You can even have neighbors volunteer to walk throughout the neighborhood at certain times.
  • Share with your neighbors the makes and model of your cars and that of your friends. That way if cars of a different type linger in the neighborhood everyone will know to be alert.

Having a burglar proof home shouldn’t be hard to accomplish. All you have to do is follow these tips. Good luck!