How to Choose a Washer-Dryer

Today’s washers and dryers come with so many different options making consumer difficult to make the appropriate choice. Many different models are available in the market to suit various people’s need. This article helps you in finding the right choice.

Top loading and front loading are two types of washing machines. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. A front loader generally has a lengthy wash cycle but are more energy efficient than top loader. The facts that are to be looked into when deciding on a washing machine-energy efficiency, capacity, volume, water efficiency, programs, length of wash cycle, filtering systems and controls

Capacity is the first and foremost consideration. Generally they are expressed in kilograms. A machine of capacity 6-7 kg which is approximately 10lbs is enough for a family having 2-4 children.

Water efficiency indirectly measures the machine’s efficiency in terms of the usage of energy. Again, a front loader is more energy efficient.

By the amount of noise a machine would make during the spin cycle the volume is determined. No one wishes for a shrieking machine in their family room.

Length of wash cycle is the time taken for one washing cycle. Those who are always on the run would not wish their machine to run a load forever. Here, top loaders are the best.

The programs available on the machine help you to know the amount of interaction u wish with the machine like hand washing or gentle cycles, and spin speed. Some modern machines come with programs that determine the wash cycle, size of load and even how dirty your laundry is.

Controls should be easy to reach and to understand. Knobs are used in old machines, while the newer use touch type controls.

The filtering system helps in removing lint away from fabrics while washing. In case of a top loader, be careful to determine the quality of any filtering system. Many front loaders do not have this system as a standard feature as it does not possess this problem.

Top loader:


• Usually cheaper

• Laundries can be added during wash cycle

• Wash cycle is faster

• Light in weight

• Ready availability of large capacity washers


• Less energy efficient

• Consumes more water

• Requires more laundry detergent per load

• Hard on fabric

• Expensive

Front loader:


• Energy efficient

• Requires less detergent

• More clean wash

• Does not damage clothing

• Shorter drying time due to faster spin cycle


• Initial cost is higher

• Usually clothing can’t be added during wash cycle

• Creases the clothes

• Much heavier

Note – A top loader is best suited for a person living in top floor and is single. If you have a large family and a low level laundry room, a front loader is better.


People living in very cold places do need dryers for drying their clothes. Dryers spin the clothing and use source of heat in a drum for drying them. For a person who is budget conscious a gas dryer is chosen, which more energy efficient is. Dryers are chosen depending on capacity size varies from 5 to 7 cubic foot. Choose the one that complements your washer capacity. For e.g., 3.5 cubic foot washer requires a drier of capacity 7 cubic foot.

Although a high usage of energy, the now available new models come with specialized options for drying cloths. A dryer with one automatic cycle is used. It should have a damp dry cycle and a cool down cycle. However cloth lines are much more efficient than dryers. As they dry the clothes well and make the clothing odor-free.

Front Loading Washers and Dryers

Its very much similar to those that are found in your neighborhood Laundromat.They are larger in size as well as in their capacity. Each unit handles- from start to finish a gigantic wash or dry load.

High performance machines

A normal washer may clean 4 pairs of jean in one cycle.A High Performance (HP) machine could clean 12 pairs.

When a member of your household is frequently changing clothes, then HP would be a good investment!

Research your new appliances

Firstly…….Do your own research prior to your purchase of any appliance that suits your family needs! BROWSE the web for Consumer Reports, websites and blog for feedback regarding the price and efficiency from other customers.

Close friends -the best resource for “try before you buy”. Enquire them about their machines and their experiences with their appliance. Still not convinced? Get your load for wash and try them yourself but do bring your own detergent.

It does take time for all this to be done! But be patient and persistent that will surely pay off eventually as home appliances are a HUGE expense.