How To Sell Your Home In Lakewood Ranch

How To Sell Your Home In Lakewood Ranch

These days selling a home in Lakewood Ranch, Florida can be a daunting task to say the least. Lakewood Ranch homes are now selling for over $100,000 less than they were just 2 years ago. This is great news for anyone buying a home in Lakewood Ranch (the deals are outrageous), but it is devastating for those trying to sell a home in Lakewood Ranch.

However, it is still possible to sell your home in Lakewood Ranch, but only if you pull out all the stops…only if you do everything you can to go above and beyond what all the other houses on market are doing.

First, though, you must understand this basic concept…Selling a house is like selling anything…it is a business…and like any business you want to bring the greatest number of customers as possible to that business. This is called “driving traffic”. Regardless of what you sell, the best way to make a sale is to drive the most amount of traffic to your business. No traffic = no sale. The same is true for real estate, especially in this tough market. If you want to sell a home in Lakewood Ranch then you must drive traffic to that house.

Here are several tips to help you drive traffic and sell your Lakewood Ranch home…regardless if you are a FSBO (For sale by Owner) or you are using a real estate agent.

  1. Get listed ~ Obviously, if you are using a real estate agent then the agent is going to list you in MLS. However, if you want to sell your home in Lakewood Ranch you MUST be listed in BOTH Sarasota MLS and Manatee MLS. This will greatly increase the number of realtors that will see your listing and will therefore increase the amount of traffic you get. If you are not using a real estate agent then you can use a flat fee listing service. You can find a flat fee listing service that will place you both Manatee MLS and Sarasota MLS for only $299. Remember, it’s all about traffic…if you are not listed in MLS you simply won’t get the traffic. However, don’t just stop there…make sure to get listed in other places people might be searching for homes as well, such as Craigslist, Yahoo Real Estate, Zillow, Truila, Sarasota Herald Tribune and others…
  2. Use a sig file ~ A sig file (short for “signature” file) is something you can add to the end of EVERY outgoing email you send. Each email service will have a different way of setting up a sig file, but once set up you’ll never have to think about it again. If you are using Outlook Express simply go to tools>>options>>signatures and then type in something about the sale of your house such as “Sit by the pool and drink margaritas while your friends up north freeze their butts off. Buy my home in Lakewood Ranch and get a free golf cart.” You can even add a picture of your house. This is a great passive way to promote your house. Every time you send an email your message will automatically be attached to the bottom. You can set this up for your home email as well as your office email. If you are one of those people who sends (or forwards) jokes just think how many more people will know that your house is for sale.
  3. Create a website ~ Setting up a website these days couldn’t be easier. It costs next to nothing and makes it much easier to promote your house. Just think, for any advertisement you create you can add your web address such as “Buy this house @ www.[Insert Street Address].com.” Now anyone can visit your website AND once on your site people can easily add their contact information.
  1. Think outside the box ~ What other ways are there to drive traffic? How else can you get people to notice your house? How can you stand out amongst all the other homes for sale in Lakewood Ranch? Here’s an idea…try giving something away for free with the sale of your house. How about a brand new BBQ? Don’t want to spend money on a new barbeque? Don’t worry…Both Lowes and Home Depot have a 90-day money back guarantee. Go pick up a brand new grille and park it in front of your house with a “free with sale of house” sign. If no one buys your house in 90 days then simply return it for a full refund. This kind of “outside-the-box” thinking will get your Lakewood Ranch home noticed and drive more traffic to your house.

Again, when it comes to selling a home in Lakewood Ranch the old methods, while good, are simply not enough anymore. If you really want to sell your Lakewood Ranch home then you MUST stand out from the crowd, you MUST drive traffic to your home. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket…every little bit helps and it is the people who go the extra mile that are the ones who are able to sell a home in Lakewood Ranch.