Importance of Telescopic Chute / Loading Spout And Its Advantages

Importance of Telescopic Chute / Loading Spout And Its Advantages

Telescopic chute offers a simple and effective way of alleviating the problem of excessive dust mostly at material storage and handling sites. The unique ergonomics and robust construction of the equipment help resolve the difficulties associated with the smooth operation of various process and speed up the management of different installations. The benefits offered by the chute are simply countless.

Automatic Height Adjustment:

Most telescopic chutes available today comes fitted with an automatic sensor for enhanced comfort. However, it can also be manually operated by an operator in the control cabin using a remote control system.

The sensor automatically maintains the right position above the stockpile, thus reducing the risk of dust emission. Being technologically advanced it reduces the need for manual monitoring as well as eliminates the risk of the chutes bottom cone coming in direct contact of the stockpile. Further, the electric hoists are equipped with an overload protection device along with limit switches to limit their movement and minimize the risk of damage involved.

Dismissible Carrying Collar:

There are numerous straps fixed to a rigid, feather-light collar which keeps the removable conical section in its position. The carrying collar is split and can be easily detached from the assembly so as to ensure rotation of the conical chute segment, in case it is damaged or worn out. Re-use of the carrying collar will help you save few bucks.

With the rise in the level of the stockpile, the telescopic chute starts to retract in a manner that the conical segments nests inside each other. When completely retracted the conical segments add as much as 100mm each, to the actual length of the chute.

Conical Chute Segment:

The unique modular design of the chute allows for smooth flow of an array of materials. The design of the chute segments is optimized in terms of robustness, durability and flow.

The modular nature of the system cuts down the downtime and spare parts cost.

Dust Control in Action:

Boosts work safety

  • Improves working conditions for the employees
  • Clean and safe surrounding environment
  • Minimizes the risk of dust emissions
  • Lower rate of contamination and material segregation
  • Improved product quality
  • Little maintenance and clean up costs

Better Product Quality & Safe Working Environment:

Dry handling of volumes of the material consists of dust and fines. During loading and unloading of the material onto the stockpile, there are chances of scattering of dust. This is detrimental to both the workers as well as the working environment. It often results in wastage of the product as well as increases the cost incurred for maintenance and clean up. In addition to this, there is a likelihood of material segregation in the stockpile leading to degradation of the quality of the product and in the worst case scenario making it unsaleable.

Telescopic chute is specifically designed to prevent the emission of dust and reduce the high expenditure made on the maintenance of the filtration systems. It is resistant to side winds and is used widely in a large number of applications.