Improve Your Outdoor Space With a Beautiful Rooftop Deck

Improve Your Outdoor Space With a Beautiful Rooftop Deck

There are many unique and intriguing ways you can spruce up your home with a renovation. This is especially true when it comes to exterior remodeling. The outside of your home can be redone to enhance your living quality, raise the property value for resale or entice prospects into considering your home. One peculiar way you can add oomph to your property is to have a rooftop deck installed.

You can find rooftop decks on top of homes in urban, as well as suburban areas. These decks can enhance properties no matter what communities they’re in.

Why Consider Rooftop Decks?

In most cases, rooftop decks are nothing more than raised patios. You can enter them through the second floor of your property, allowing you to overlook your lawn and neighborhood. From there, you can also enjoy beautiful views of sunsets and moon rises, and scenic views of the surrounding landscape. If you live near mountains, skylines, hills and bodies of water, then this is one way to make use of those gorgeous displays.

Installation: Best Done On New Home Construction

Although a new home construction would make it more ideal for outdoor remodeling, it’s not impossible to have a deck installed on the rooftop on your current home. In fact, this is done all the time. All you need is an exterior remodeling contractor who is very experienced at what they do.

Some roofs are designed to accommodate add-ons, such as decks. Then there are others that are very slanted, making accessibility an issue. In these cases, an opening has to be made in the roof, without disturbing the attic. Another option is to build a roof on the deck. A contractor will be able to assess your roof to determine whether it can hold the weight a deck would require.

Designing Your Rooftop Deck

Once you’ve determined you can have a deck built onto your roof, you can begin conjuring up design ideas. Some people go as far as it turn this additional space into a beautiful garden. This is typical in urban areas where there’s not enough green space to plant one. Otherwise, you can turn your deck into an entertainment space or dining area.

There are key steps to designing your deck:

  • Deciding the material: You can opt for it to match your home’s siding or you can use a natural wood like pine, Cypress, cedar, mahogany or redwood. These can give your deck warmth and natural appeal.
  • Choosing the sun awning: It’s a good idea to have one, so you can enjoy daytime and summertime access without being bothered by the sunlight and its heat.
  • Selecting the décor: How will your deck look once it is completed? The type of furniture, plants and accessories you select will set the mood for your sky patio. You can choose patio-style furniture or make it like a second living area with high-quality indoor furniture. Or keep it fun with bean bags and blow-up chairs.

Clay vs Metal Building Materials

It’s important for your deck to last a very long time. And even more important, you need to ensure the safety of those who use it. This is why some people opt for metal or clay tiles. The more expensive of the two are clay tiles, but they don’t last as long as metal. People opt for it because they like the way it looks. It provides Spanish appeal and suits architecture with a similar design. However, if where you live has adverse weather, you should consider going with metal.

There’s a lot that goes into planning a rooftop deck, which is why you need an expert’s help. Try finding an exterior remodeling company that employs both contractors, as well as designers. This way, you can get all the help needed during the design and installation process.