Indian Real Estate

Real Estate is a sector from which one can their eyes off. A sector in which there are only opportunities. A sector which offers superlative returns. Ever since India achieved independence, the real estate sector has been on a rise. And today it has scaled such distant heights which were never even imagined. Today, there are real estate developments happening every other day. And these developments are helping tremendously in generating franchise business opportunities. Also the tremendous growth of this sector has given rise to a vast array of career opportunities. In this sector, you will find the widest career choices ever.

The real estate sector today is the only sector which can guarantee such tremendous growth of wealth. Also, the risk involved in this sector is minimum. Hence, no wonder real estate is the largest growing sector in the country. And the biggest advantage behind buying property in India is the easy availability of renters. You buy a property and you have renters lined outside your house the very next day. In India, the growth of the real estate industry has mainly been due to the IT industry. With the huge explosion of the IT industry, there has been a big bang of sorts in the realty sector.

The growth of the realty sector can be easily gauged by the emergence of IT Parks in many cities like Gurgaon, Noida, Hyderabad, Pune etc. The tremendous growth of the IT industry has been the backbone of the growth of the real estate industry. There are many other factors behind the real estate boom like spread of English as a commercial language and the churning out of around 15 million graduates every year. Another factor is availability of cheap labor in India. The same done is India costs 15% less than in US.

The assistance from the Indian Government has also led to increased liquidity flow into the realty market. Also, the foreign investments in the Indian realty sector have shown a consistent growth of 40-45% per annum. Thus, there has been a continuous flow in the real estate market of India. And the magnitude of flow has been very good. And the high returns from the realty have not only attracted domestic investors but have lured foreign investors as well. The sector has reached such a stage that soon the foreign investments are threatening to overshadow the domestic ones.

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