Kenmore Washer: The Leading Brand Of Washing Machines

Kenmore Washer: The Leading Brand Of Washing Machines

Kenmore Washers are the leading brand of washing machines in the United States. If you buy a Kenmore you are expecting quality. This brand comes through on that for you.

You can easily own a Kenmore washer for years and years without it breaking down. Spend your money on something else instead of washer repairs for other brands. The price range for a Kenmore washer ranges from $500 to $1500.

Sears is the main store that carries Kenmore washer, although other store do carry that brand these days. For years, Sears has been known as the Kenmore store. You can shop the latest in Kenmore technology when you visit a Sears store in your area.

Do you want a Kenmore washer that is energy efficient? Many customers are looking for the washer that will save them some money on the water bill. With so much laundry to do these days, you can find just the washer for your family. Kenmore offers energy efficient ratings on each washer they sell. There are many colors to choose from when searching for the right washer. Select a color that will compliment your laundry room. You will be looking at that color for many years so find one you like. Kenmore washers come in a variety of colors for your selection options. You might ask yourself what type of washer fits your needs? There is the conventional top load washer that fills the washer tub with water and agitate the clothes as the method of cleaning. Energy star models are similar, but will use lower water temperatures to help you save money while still providing great cleaning performance. High efficiency models use non-traditional wash motions to move your clothes through a slurry of concentrated detergent and water. These washers do not submerge your clothes, but use just the right amount of water needed to clean and protect your garments. High efficiency models often are priced higher, but like front load washers, you will find payback on the investment over the years. Top load washers offer a traditional style that lets you easily load and unload your items without having to stoop down. Front load washers clean clothing by tumbling them in water. By cleaning with tumbling instead of agitation, front loaders are usually gentler on fabrics and cause less wear and tear on washables than conventional top load washers. These machines can be opened from the front, just like machines found at a Laundromat. These types of machines can be expensive to buy but they make up for it by almost always being less costly to run. Kenmore washers come in both models, with many colors to choose from in each.

Conventional Kenmore washers and dryers and the newer front load washers and dryers are generally freestanding and are placed side by side in a laundry room. Both types are available in standard, high efficiency, and energy star models. Some side by side front loading models can also be stacked. Washers cannot be stacked on top of dryers due to their weight. It is also recommended that you do not stack units and use pedestals at the same time. Many stores have demo models set up for you to see for yourself.