Landscaping – What is it Good For?

Landscaping – What is it Good For?

Landscaping a property becomes the framework of a home. Variations in height, texture and color,
result in an effect that is unique, and interesting. Professional landscape design and installations enhance the curb side appeal of any property, and provide land owners with planted areas to enjoy.

Personalized designs may be functional, and require little maintenance, designed to create privacy,
or provide areas for additional gardening for the enthusiast. Privacy designs often shield a pool, patio, or recreational area. Hedges may be installed to separate one property from another.

The time required to complete a landscape installation can only be determined by the size of the area to be landscaped. Costs are contingent on shrub, tree, and plant selection, and how much excavating is required. Landscaping may include the installation of lawns, lighting, pools, ponds, and/or retaining walls. One option for adhering to a budget, is to break the project into phases. These phases are designed to enable the property owner to complete selected areas one season at a time. Extensive plans for landscape installation may be completed over the course of two years, or more.

The inconveniences of living without landscaping are:
1. Living with bare ground, that becomes mud.
2. Not having trees to provide shade.
3. Ground erosion, where bare areas exist.
4. The absence of a living framework that enhances property appeal.

The addition of an attractive landscape installation, immediately increases property value.It is the most economical, and immediate improvement for instant results. The addition of trees, shrubs, plants, and hardscapes, result in permanent home improvement. When these additions are maintained and cared for, they last for many years. As plantings grow, and mature, the overall effect becomes more and more pleasing.

Landscape styles are as varied as the styles of structures. A talented designer considers the needs and desires of a home owner, along with the materials best suited for a particular location. Designs often include the use of evergreens which provide a green background throughout the year. Other options include the use of flowering materials, adding color, and staggered blooming times. From country gardens to simply elegant, the possibilities are endless, and very personalized.

Professional landscape designers are able to determine all of the factors present for a successful installation.It is imperative to know the requirements necessary for each individual plant, tree, or shrub. Soil requirements, sun, shade, drainage, and the mature size of plantings must be considered to achieve results, that will not only live, but flourish for years.

The use of a seasoned professional guarantees that you will be pleased with the investment you make in landscaping your property. Properly designed and installed, the project will be an environment that will provide you with enjoyment for many years.