LG Washer – Key Features of This Modern Washing Machine

LG Washer – Key Features of This Modern Washing Machine

Given how fiercely competitive the washing machine market happens to be, why on earth should a consumer be concerned about using a lg washer over all the other models that are on offer? The answer dear reader is painfully obvious: because a lg washer is vastly superior to other washer models. No doubt some readers will have read the last sentence with a raised eyebrow and a curling of their lip, feeling resentful at such cheap trickery and gross hyperbole. The simple truth of the matter is that these are provable facts, because a lg washer has been specifically designed to provide the user with as good an experience as possible.

One of the biggest headaches that consumers who are shopping for a potential washing machine is how energy efficient the machine is because this will have a major impact on the running costs associated with the washer. The fact that a lg washer happens to be recognised as one of the most energy efficient and conscious of all the various washing machines on offer is a fact that has not escaped the attention of numerous agencies who have rewarded the producers for their commitment to good green practise.

This washer is designed to wash and cope with monster loads and so whether you have a large family, happen to do a lot of washing due to dirty sports kits or whatever the reason the simple truth of the matter is that a lg washer can just about handle anything and everything you throw at it. Any lg washing machine model can handle roughly 11kg worth of weight at any given time and for many consumers this little snippet of info actually causes them to take a step back and be alarmed. Why? The consumer is dismayed because they worry that the lg washer will be some colossal cauldron which will stick out like the proverbial sore thumb and to add insult to injury, will require a ridiculous amount of space within their home.

The simple truth of the matter is this: this washer, despite the fact that it has one of the largest load capacities within the market, still manages to fit comfortably within the same 24 inches as before meaning that you are getting a lot more bang for your buck, with no extra requirement necessary on your end. If you are wondering just how on earth the lg washer producers managed to pull off that magic trick the answer is simple: they reduced the wasted space within the machine and allowed for a much more efficient and compact system.

Given that the average washing machine can only manage 7kg worth of clothing at any given cycle, the fact that the lg washer manages to do 50% more with the same dimensions as the other machines is nothing short of astonishing.

There will be still be some cynical and rabid naysayers reading this article who will be determined to find some fault with the lg washer, and no doubt they will be trying to argue that the mere size and dimensions of the lg washer means that it will require more electricity, water and therefore money. In actual fact, due to the reduction in the wasted space and the vastly improved dimensions of the interior of the machine this means that the total opposite is true. How does a 20% reduction in energy consumption in comparison to the latest model releases from other competing companies sound? That is precisely the figure that the lg washer has managed to achieve.

The lg washer has also won a great deal of critical acclaim due to the fact that its patented technology has in effect, spelled the untimely demise of allergens (materials which commonly induce allergic reactions in people, often typified by means of irritation of both the respiratory system and the skin). The allergens are eliminated in their entirety meaning that the consumer is no longer at risk of the dust mites, detergents or the fragrances which so commonly cause problems.

Some consumers report that their lg washer ends up smelling mouldy after a period of time, this can be easily rectified by cleaning the rubber tubing with warm water and soap.