Looking at Rural Property For Sale in Waikato, NZ?

Looking at Rural Property For Sale in Waikato, NZ?

The Waikato District is a productive farmland area of NZ, with rural properties for sale in high demand. Whether you are in the market for a dairy farm, beef farm or lifestyle property with facilities for your horses, you are sure to find the right rural property for sale in the Waikato that meets and exceeds all your needs.

In terms of overall lifestyle, the Waikato District has it all. Hamilton is the main centre in this region with an excellent university, perfect if you have teenagers who are thinking of attending university. The national agricultural field days are held in Hamilton, as are many sporting events. In addition to the lush green farmlands you can also enjoy the seaside; the Raglan province has some of the best surfing spots in NZ. The provincial towns that make up the Waikato each have their own unique selling points with a range of rural properties for sale. Two of these towns include Cambridge and Matamata. Find out a little more about these provincial towns here and the type of rural property for sale you could purchase.


This beautifully kept town is lined with stunning trees, heritage buildings and antique stores. If you are passionate about horses, you will be right at home in Cambridge – the Thoroughbred breeding and equestrian events capital of NZ. There are fantastic horse stud properties available with equestrian rings, stables and storage / implement sheds to store all horse trucks and gear. There are also many top class dairy, cropping and grazing farms in this area. You will find properties with a mix of flat land and gentle rolling contours, most of which have high producing soils, excellent races and easy access to paddocks. If you are looking at a dairy property for sale you can further narrow you search by letting your rural real estate agent know about your ‘must have’ list, which, may include: silage bunkers, rotary cowshed, feed pad and a platform ID scanner.


The Kaimai Ranges offer a spectacular backdrop for the town of Matamata. Another community popular for dairy farming and thoroughbred stud farms, this community is mostly well know for the Peter Jackson films “The Lord of the Rings”, filmed in and around the many rural properties of Matamata. You could find the perfect lifestyle property in Matamata close to the race course, hot springs, museum and cafes, and of course the famous Hobbiton movie set. For those looking on a larger scale, there are opportunities to purchase rich soil producing lands for growing maize and grazing stock. For prospective buyers looking to make an income in the Matamata community there are many attractive rural properties for sale including dairy and chicken farms.

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