Mountain Escapes, Holistic Decor

Mountain Escapes, Holistic Decor

Mountains are where sages would go to for meditation, getting away from the conundrum of daily life, the higher altitudes, the purer air as well the rugged terrain make for great resort living and vacations. Cabins tucked away in the woods and made from natural wood logs are so beautiful and earthing. Holistic living and being mindful of nature,we cannot take anything for granted and have to respect Mother Earth’s resources. The trees and forests are sacred and the rivers and streams nurture the Earth. Bringing a holistic method to you life is so important as it serves a dual purpose. We take of the Earth and she in turn takes care of us.

Antique doors and old world elements salvaged from old mansions and architectural structures are resplendent in detail and handmade by artisans keeping in mind the balance of energy. The carvings are inspired by nature and the metals used are iron and brass that not only reinforce the woods but are earthing and grounding. We are surrounded by electromagnetic charge that is subtly changing our behaviour and cell dynamics and the only way we can keep ourselves grounded is by using these techniques of grounding.We have to discharge the ions that built up in us so by using an old door table studded with brass, iron, copper as an office desk we are creating a more balanced environment for ourselves.

The barndoors with holistic carvings, handmade from reclaimed woods, as well as the Buddha carved headboards are textured with hues that align with your chakras. The lush green trees that turn a bright orange in the fall remind us of the constant change and transformation that Earth goes through and similarly we should also recharge are routines. My mountain cabin is simple and rustic, using old reclaimed wood doors and armoires that I have turned into wine cellars. The peacock carved brass armoire or the chakra carved wardrobe armoire are stunning in their patina and are such dynamic statement pieces.

The jali carved panels decorate the veranda and the sunlight plays with the patterns that emerge from it, early sunrise being totally different from the sunset. The gray floral carved sideboard serves as my media chest and I surround it with plants and foliage, bringing in the healing energies.

Tree of life carved barndoors and the triple arch veranda columns remind me of old Havelis, inspired from mediterranean architecture, the cusps and curves are delightfully romantic. Holistic design and mindfulness is a necessity in designing your home or your getaway cabin.