NewAir AI-300S Water Dispenser and Icemaker Gives You Two Appliances in One

NewAir AI-300S Water Dispenser and Icemaker Gives You Two Appliances in One

Multi-tasking is now a way of life for many Americans, and having appliances and furniture that can serve more than one function is becoming increasingly popular and in demand. Furthermore, many younger Americans in urban cities are turning to condo living because they can own for almost the same cost of renting. Consequently, these living quarters are smaller and provide less storage space than single family homes. Thus, this prompts the need for home products to be more multi-functional and compact. Thankfully, many home appliance manufacturers have taken this into consideration and have come out with an array of products that can perform more than one function at a time. From portable air conditioner and space heater combos to showerhead and filter packages, consumers now have several choices when it comes to multi-functional appliances. However, one of our favorite combination appliances has to be water dispensers with built-in icemakers.

We’ve all heard about the many health benefits associated with drinking sufficient amounts of water. Water forms a major part of our body constitution, is critical for our survival, and ensures the smooth functioning of our body systems. As such, water dispensers are a great way to make sure you’re drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. The AI-300S by NewAir dispenses cold water and includes a built-in icemaker that produces both crushed and cubed ice in a matter of minutes – perfect for icy cold beverages in the summer!

Our product team was able to test this great icemaker, and we were amazed by its features and performance. In fact, we used this during our monthly company party, and everyone was impressed by its design and how quickly it produced ice.

First Impression:

When we unpacked the NewAir AI-300S icemaker and water dispenser, we really liked its sleek and compact design. It sported a modern-looking silver finish with easy-to-ready control panel. Furthermore, although it weighed roughly 53 pounds, because of its cubic design, it fit onto our kitchen countertop without any problems. The NewAir AI-300S was very well packaged with plenty of insulation, and unit was free of any dings or blemishes when it was unwrapped. Included with the AI-300S was also an easy-to-understand instruction manual.

Water Dispensing:

The NewAir AI-300S provided us with perfectly chilled, 39° F water, and best of all, we appreciated the fact that it was able to accommodate both bottled water and a direct water line connection. The direct line connection was easy to install, and also included was a filter net, drain plug for easy emptying, as well as a water level indicator. For easy maintenance, the NewAir AI-300S portable ice maker and water dispenser also had a self-clean button.

Ice Making Capabilities:

The hallmark of the NewAir AI-300S portable icemaker and water dispenser was definitely its ice making abilities. The unit produced two types of ice – crushed and cubed – in as little as ten minutes. One hundred ice cubes could be produced per hour, and this amounted to approximately 26 pounds of ice in one day. Furthermore, when we opened the front lid, we found that the ice basket was deep enough to store 1.65 pounds of ice at once. This was more than adequate for our needs.

Overall, we really liked the NewAir AI-300S portable icemaker and water dispenser. If you enjoy ice in your drinks and you want the convenience of also having your own water dispenser, this one does the job wonderfully.