Outdoor Cat Enclosures – Fun in a Safe Environment

Outdoor Cat Enclosures – Fun in a Safe Environment

By nature, cats love the outdoors even if most cat owners choose to let their pet stay indoors – mostly because of issues regarding their safety. If your house is near a busy street with neighbors that have big aggressive dogs, or wildlife like coyotes and raccoons that are eager to snack on your precious kitty, you may feel that there is no other alternative but to keep her locked in your home. Even though you build the highest wall or fence, your cat can climb so high that it is almost impossible to keep her inside.

With an outdoor cat enclosure, your pet can still enjoy the outdoors while staying away from harm. This is available at majority of pet stores and online specialty pet cage builders.

Cat Tents

Cat tents are available in a wide range of choices, depending on the size of your backyard and other needs that will let your feline friend be happy, yet safe. These types of tents are enclosures that are often used by several pet owners, since they are simple to use, portable and do not occupy much space. They are ideal for small spaces, such as apartments that do not have a large yard. Even if you do not have any yard, cat tents can be placed on a patio to let your kitty have some enjoyment outdoors.

Netted Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Another popular choice is a netted outdoor cat enclosure. Like tents, these enclosures are easy to set up, however, they are a permanent fixture. Since they are a bit larger than tents, they require a bigger place that has grass to secure the stakes at the base of the enclosure.

Wall-hugging enclosures and multi-level enclosures are the more expensive and complicated types. The multi-level enclosure is more creative between the two since it enables the cat to explore more. On the other hand, a wall hugging cage offers an easy way to the outdoors, and at the same time as it gives some kind of freedom by letting the cat come and go via a usual cat flap.

Wall-Hugging Cat Cages

If you are willing to let your kitty go outdoors as he/she pleases with or without your help and supervision, you may opt for an outdoor enclosure that hugs any of your back walls.

Such enclosures can be connected to a cat door so your pet can go in and out whenever it wants to, and since they are set up alongside a wall of your house, they do not require a lot of space.

Permanent, Freestanding, Built Cages

There are companies that can build special outdoor enclosures for cat lovers who are willing to splurge for their pets. Some look a lot like small gazebos, which have a human-sized door you can really pass through.

In case you settle on any of these, think about getting it designed in such a way that it complements your home’s overall architecture to prevent it from looking quite unusual in your backyard.