Own a Cash Business – You Need a Security Safe With an Capsule or Envelope Drop Facility

Own a Cash Business – You Need a Security Safe With an Capsule or Envelope Drop Facility

Nobody ever told me I needed an under floor safe with a deposit drop facility. In fact, I never knew there was such a thing. The cash business which I had for about 10 years took a lot of coin and notes on a daily basis and also retained valuable customer financial information on site. This should have been stored in a safe overnight. The type of guy seeking to fund a drug hit mustn’t have associated my busy business with cash and fortunately, I was never held up or burgled but to this day I shiver at the thought of what might have happened.

A Safe for Your Business?

Here’s good advice straight off! You will need a security safe if you have a cash business, period. It’s fair to say that most businesses will not invest in one until a robbery has taken place. A bricks and mortar business on Main Street will take payment in the form of card, coin and note payments with some customers perhaps paying on account. While the batch-out will lodge the card payments to your bank, you may take the cash home with you at night or leave it in the business to lodge the next morning, in an envelope, stuffed under a desk or somewhere. You are asking for a theft to take place, either a mugging or a burglary. For this reason, you need to have a first line security measure in place and protect your business proceeds. Omit to take this precaution and your day will come.

Best Safe for Your Business

Which or whether you opt for both types has their advantages and disadvantages. In favor of the under floor variety is that it is hidden, it takes up less space and of course it is fireproof if embedded in concrete. Although under floor safes are very popular they tend to be restricted in size and are not practical for storing some objects such as cash till inserts. I like under floor safes because they are concealed.

Drop Facility

An under floor safe with a cash drop facility is called a Banker’s Safe. The cash drop facility allows money to be deposited until a reasonable person such as a manager or the owner can reconcile the lodgment and bank it. As cash mounts up during the day, a business may consider it prudent to sweep the tills of extra cash and lodge it to the cash drop safe. Again, an under floor safe is very practical in so far as it is concealed, doesn’t take up room and is fireproof. Nightclubs, hotels and bars who cease trading well into the night benefit from the security and simplicity of under floor safes with a cash drop facility.