Simple Chicken Coops – Planning and Building

Simple Chicken Coops – Planning and Building

If you love raising poultry in your backyard and you plan to put up a small and simple coops in your backyard to house your chicken, you might want to explore making it as your do-it-yourself project. Indeed, building a chicken coop can be easy and simple, and most of the time, it does not need someone who is an expert.

One of the keys to making simple chicken coops into a reality, is to have an easy to follow guide that enables you to build the structure easily by just following the instructions. If you are interested in building simple chicken coops, here is a simple and basic guide in making one.

– Get a chicken coop plan as your guide. Building coops for your chicken has become a very easy task because of building plans that are readily available these days. These building plans contain illustrations and diagrams that allow you to follow instructions easily and accurately. They also contain a guide on what materials and tools to be used and also contain the measurements that you need to follow to make accurate construction.

With a good plan at hand, you can save yourself from the frustration of having to do a trial and error with your materials, which can also be costly. This will also help you work faster as well.

– Secure your materials for the coop. As a do-it-yourself project, it may not be practical to build a very large coop. You can start with a size that you can readily manage with your tools and resources as of the time. Make use of your scrap lumber and other materials that you already have around. You may not need to buy new tools as most of the tools in coop building are commonly found in every home – of course, you have to make sure that your coop design does not need complicated tools as well.

– Schedule your time for the work. You can spend the entire weekends to work on your chicken coop if you want. Of course, by starting early, you will also more likely to finish early, so start now so you can enjoy the benefits of building your own coop plan.

– Start of your construction. Having the building plan and the step-by-step guide and instruction in building your coop can help you in making accurate measurements on your materials. Especially if you are not a carpenter or you have limited experience in projects such as this, instruction books and guides are always one of the best things that you can have before the start of the construction. It may also contain some tips and tricks to make the construction easier and faster as well.