Taking Good Care of Your Deck Box – Making it Look Good All Year Round

Taking Good Care of Your Deck Box – Making it Look Good All Year Round

Congratulations on purchasing the melding of storage and beauty by adding a deck box to your patio. And as you begin to use it, you will find that the deck box will be the perfect place to store everything your patio needs, while keeping them conveniently accessible to all your guests. While your cushions and other accessories may find themselves protected and taken care of in the safety and comfort of your box, the exterior of your box may find itself wearing down over time. While it may shine of natural beauty now, you will slowly watch the charm and shine fade away. A stationary target opens itself up to collect dirt, debris, and other depressing items as time goes by. Making the perfect addition to your patio look more like the perfect dirt pile.

The attraction of dirt and debris is a natural occurrence that happens to every deck box over time. Because it stays in one place throughout the year (and even year round in some cases), everything Mother Nature throws up, out, and around will eventually end up against the walls of your beautiful deck box. By knowing how you can protect and clean this piece of furniture now, you will be ensuring the protection of your investment for years to come, without all the hassle of constantly refinishing.

If you have a plastic deck box, cleaning from time to time will be a much easier process – a natural attraction for those who live in places where you get all four seasons visiting. Because plastic is a solid, non-porous material, keeping it clean is a very easy process. Taking a mild cleaner (such as dish soap) and warm water to your plastic box will keep it clean throughout the year – apply when needed, and allow that natural shine to come back to your deck box. For the bigger projects, taking a harder cleaner will help get out the longer lasting stains. Always check what is in the cleaner before applying it to your plastic box; the wrong cleaner could eat away at the plastic, and eventually breaking down your box.

If you have a wooden deck box, taking care of your investment may take several more steps before it gets easier. The materials that it is made out of will ultimately determine the best way to approach the sealing and cleaning of your outdoor furniture. While hard woods like cedar can take oil treatments to keep it protected, other woods (like pine or cypress) can be stained to give it an extra layer of protection, or even painted to your pleasure. Adding these protective barriers give your box a solid layer of protection against the elements, protecting from everything the world wants to throw at it and more. Plus, once your box has this key protective layer set up, cleaning can be as simple as taking a sponge and warm water to your box.

But if your wooden deck box becomes too overloaded with dirt and debris, you can always start over by applying a gentle sanding across the entire box. Sanding down the outer layer of the wood gives you the chance to start new once again, removing the grimy layer of dirt and debris that will eventually be sitting on your box. Plus, sanding down the wood allows you to change directions that you want to go with your box. If you want to change the stain, or even paint a new motif along the box, just sand away, and start your masterpiece all over again.

Knowing how to keep your deck box clean throughout the seasons will help you have the best results, and offer the greatest protection to your investment. By taking the steps now to keep your box clean, you will guarantee years of joy and protection for all your patio accessories.