Ten Uses For a Laptop Case That Don’t Involve Laptops

Ten Uses For a Laptop Case That Don’t Involve Laptops

Although laptop cases are designed specifically for transporting all the various laptops we use these days, there are plenty of other uses that can be found for them. And with the plethora of laptop cases on the market and in our homes, you may find that you have a spare laptop case sitting around or taking up space in a closet. Why let it waste space when you can put it to use?

1. Writing portfolio. When you are dashing from meeting to meeting, or lugging your latest set of articles to the doctor’s office, a laptop case can make a great portfolio. It will keep your work organized and together and might even have a couple of pockets for notepads and pens.

2. Art carrier. Whether you are a student or professional illustrator, you need to keep your artwork clean and free from smudges. A waterproof laptop case can do just that and provide an easy way to transport your art.

3. Important documents container. If you don’t yet have enough important documents to warrant a fire-proof safe or filing cabinet, a good quality laptop case will protect your documents from the elements. Some laptop cases may even be built to withstand a fire! Documents you should include in a safe container include social security documents, birth certificates and any titles you may have.

4. Portable photo carrier. Nothing is so disheartening as to see the only copy of a photograph ruined or destroyed. So if you need to transport a number of photographs, consider using a laptop case to protect them on their journey. Protecting your photos is particularly important if they are old and fragile or if they are the only copy and you don’t have a digital backup.

5. Student Book bag. Any type of laptop case can be easily converted to a book bag for use in college. Hard laptop cases with straps can be used to house a book or two and all of your notes, thus providing a waterproof carrier for these priceless bits of information. With your notes securely houses in this case, you won’t have to worry about the type of pen you used to take your statistics notes when you get caught in a sudden downpour on the way to history. Your notes will be safely protected from rain, with a no-ink-run guarantee!

6. Modernized Briefcase. The days of the brown or black leather briefcase have come and gone, but if you are a briefcase type person, you can use a metallic laptop case for a stylish modern look. You can house all your files or work, as well as supplies and even your Blackberry in one of these cases.

7. Kid’s art station. You can buy portable art stations for kids, but so often these stations are anything but portable. They are generally made of thin plastic with cheap snaps that come open at the worst possible time. If you’ve ever had to pick up six dozen crayons and a foot of scratch paper while attempting to board an airplane, then you know what I mean. But a good quality laptop case is made for portability, and can also house paper, markers, crayons, and more. In addition, a hard laptop case makes a great “tabletop” for the little artist on the go.

8. Needlework carrier. Whether you crochet, knit, or embroider, a laptop case is a great way to carry around your current work in progress. The case will keep your materials safe and dry, and will protect your tools and project from bumps and bangs. Unlike bags and baskets that you can find for these supplies, a laptop case will not allow loose yarn to get entangled in items when you set it down or move it.

9. Magazine holder. If you are taking a long car trip or flight and you are a magazine reader, a laptop case is the perfect way to organize and carry your magazines without dropping them, having them get torn up, or losing them. When waiting in a crowded airport, the last thing you want to do is keep track of a pile of loose magazine, and with a laptop case, you can simply scoop up the handle and be on your way.

10. Portable DVD companion. Portable DVD players come with their own variety of carrying cases, but they rarely have enough room to carry all the things that come with a portable DVD player. Why not use your laptop case to carry extra movies, cords, and any other accessories that go along with your DVD player?