The Best Air Puffier For Protection Against The Delta Variant Of COVID-19

The Best Air Puffier For Protection Against The Delta Variant Of COVID-19

These days, we have been dealing with a new variant of COVID-19 called the Delta variant. Therefore, schools have been looking for new strategies in order to ensure both students and teachers remain protected against the pandemic. Although there are a lot of strategies, the best strategy is to go for good air purifiers and get them installed in each classroom. According to a new study from the CDC, devices that contain HEPA filters are more effective against the transmission of COVID-19. In this article, we can help you go for the best air purifiers for classrooms.

1. Which of the units should you go for?

As said above, if you want to opt for the best units for educational institutes, experts recommend that you go for one that features HEPA filters. As a matter of fact, this type of unit is highly effective when it comes to filtering out particles of coronavirus. Therefore, these units are the best choice for classrooms and schools.

Besides, exports don’t recommend units with additional add-ons like ionizers and UV lights. The problem is that these add-ons make these units more expensive. Therefore, they are not an ideal choice.

2. Are Medical Grade units any good?

As for as medical-grade devices are concerned, they are nothing but a marketing gimmick. All you need to do is go for a reliable HEPA filter based units.

3. How to opt for the Best Air Purifier Model?

If you want to go for the right size, we suggest that you take a look at the CADR rating of the device. Ideally, the minimum air exchange rate of the unit has to be at least five for classrooms. So, you need to consider this factor when looking for the best unit.

For example, you can go for a unit that features a CADR rating of at least 585 cubic m/hour. If you have a standard classroom with 400sqft of floor area and 8ft of ceiling height, you can go for the unit mentioned above.

Go for Olansi Air Purifiers

If you go for Olansi air purifiers, you can protect your students against the harmful effect of the coronavirus. The good thing about these units is that they don’t make a lot of noise and effectively eliminate most of the particles from your indoor air. They contain powerful HEPA filters that can filter out 99.99% of particles. Therefore, they can be a great addition to your domestic air purification systems. The price of these units is also quite fair.

Long story short, it is a great idea to install a good air purifier in your classrooms if you want to be on the safe side. These units can help your students stay safe against the new Delta variant of the coronavirus. Hopefully, these tips will help you get your hands on one of the most reliable units for your classrooms.