The Lure of Austin Lakes & Lake Living Real Estate

The Lure of Austin Lakes & Lake Living Real Estate

This weekend, February 18, 2007, Austin’s Lake Travis hosted the $1 million Wal-Mart Forrest L. Wood Bass Fishing Tournament. The winner, pro Aaron Hastings of Middletown, MD, claimed the $125,000 prize with a final-round total of ten bass weighing 19 pounds, 9 ounces. Professional and amateur fishermen from all over the globe converged on the lake for a week of competition in the prestigious tournament, which will be broadcast to 81 million FSN (Fox Sports Net) subscribers in the U.S. and abroad as part of the “FLW Outdoors” television series, the most widely distributed weekly fishing program in the world. That’s quite a commercial for those with an interest in lake property in the Austin area.

Only a few years ago, a trip to Lake Travis was an excursion, a chance to bask in nature and enjoy the outdoors on a boat or at one of the many parks that ring Austin’s liquid jewels. With improved access, highway construction and commercial development completed, or well under way, the Highland Lakes have become a viable choice for those seeking the best of both worlds Austin has to offer.

Today, many native and new or prospective Austinites have been lured to the lakes by the natural beauty of the live oaks, cypress, granite cliffs, and the sparkling blue water. The rugged hills surrounding the lakes have recently become dotted with magnificent homes that take full advantage of breathtaking views of the lake, and offer distant glimpses of the thriving city of Austin. The landscape, and the upscale homes in the hills evoke a West Coast style, and many former residents of that state have found good value, compared to property in California.

Along the arteries that lead into the heart of Austin, more modest, yet still upscale, neighborhoods offer an idyllic, semi-rural setting for families with kids as well as a reasonable commute into the city. As opportunities become available, many businesses have, or are considering relocation of facilities to the corridor area between Austin and Lake Travis, to complement and enhance the residents who choose to live in the area. Schools are excellent, retail shopping, restaurants, and entertainment venues are in place, and due to continued road improvements, the trip into Austin has shortened significantly.

Even closer to town, the lake that shares Austin’s name offers a great variety of homes, condominiums, rentals and resorts, as well as water sports, great fishing, and other entertainment amenities close at hand.

From the hills of Lake Travis, the water slopes gently down to Lake Austin, finally meandering its way through the heart of the city as Town Lake, our treasured, urban waterway, these three named bodies of water are claimed by Austinites as their share of the chain of 7 lakes that comprise the Highland Lakes, that were created by a system of hydroelectric dams on the Colorado River.

I believe that Austin’s claim to all three is valid because somehow, the people who make their homes on opposite banks of the water, or sometimes even share adjoining property lines, reflect the eclectic, vibrant nature that Austin calls its own. The celebrities, politicos and notables happily mixing with artists, university students, writers, musicians and interesting hippie hangers-on, are still noticeable and treasured out there, just as they are in town. The lure of Austin’s lakes has its real root in the lure of Austin’s people and their collective Texas-bred personality. Yipee!