The Protex HDR-83 Fireproof Burglary Safe – Two Safes in One for Home or Business

The Protex HDR-83 Fireproof Burglary Safe – Two Safes in One for Home or Business

Protex Safes have joined their HD-73 burglary safe with their recently released DRW-23 draw safe to build the HDR-83 fireproof burglary safe. By incorporating two safes into one, safe owners are provided with the convenience of a drawer safe on the top and a regular safe on the bottom.

Both the draw safe and regular safe come standard with a velvet lining, that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, on all walls and shelves. Not only does the lining make the interior of the burglary safes look good to the eye but also it is functional allowing expensive watches and jewelry to be laid on the shelves without fear of being scratched or otherwise damaged. The top drawer of the HDR- 83 burglary safe provides convenient, secure storage for small everyday items while the bottom safe secures larger valuables.

The top draw of the HDR-83 fireproof burglary safe is essentially an electronic drawer safe opened by entering a code using the electronic keypad. The flat digital keypad comes with a LED display; a mechanical key override and a managers override code that can be changed at any time. Once the correct code is entered, the draw automatically springs out and then for convenience of access the draw can be pulled all the way out. The regular safe on the bottom features the battery-powered DigiPaz high-security electronic lock. To access the velvet lined interior simply enter the correct six-digit code and turn the handle. In those cases where the battery has gone dead a power override wire is supplied. The ends of the override wire are inserted in the two holes located under the keypad, a battery attached to the other end and then the six-digit code entered as normal.

Burglary protection for the HDR-83 burglary safes is provided by a drill resistant hard plate, four by half-inch anchoring bolts to secure the safe to the floor and a two and a half-inch thick door. The door is made of three-eighth inch solid steel-plate to prevent prying and for added security these burglary safes come with concealed hinges. A fire liner provides thirty minutes fire protection.

Having a weight of 209 pounds requires this safe being installed on a well-constructed flat floor or bench. HDR-83 safes have 3.38 cubic feet of security storage in the bottom compartment,.45 cubic feet in the drawer and exterior dimensions of 19″(W) x 37-3/8″ (H) x 15-5/8″ (D).

While HDR-83 fireproof burglary safes are the most expensive in the Protex stable of fireproof burglary safes, in the market place, these quality well-constructed safes are competitively and affordably priced.