The Smeg Fab32 Fridge Freezer and the Smeg Fab30 Fridge Freezer Open Their Doors

The Smeg Fab32 Fridge Freezer and the Smeg Fab30 Fridge Freezer Open Their Doors

There’s almost nothing one can say about the new range of Smeg fridge freezers that they don’t say better themselves. Talk about trend setting: the Smeg fab32 fridge freezer, and the Smeg fab30 fridge freezer look good enough to live in, let alone keep frozen vegetables in.

Smeg’s reputation for design is always going to precede a new launch from the company, whose status as leading light in the world of functional retro cool is unassailed. So any mutterings about new Smeg gear are usually met with a mixture of glee and fearful anticipation: what if, this time, they’ve finally lost their touch? Well, they haven’t. Not at all. Both the new fridge freezers, and their similarly named cousins besides, look like they’ve been imported from the 1950s by way of a super-intelligent future-dwelling space designer. The Smeg fab30 fridge freezer, and the Smeg fab32, are both available in a series of shockingly groovy colors – enough that any kitchen, anywhere on earth and quite a few places off of it, will be more then complemented by the hue. From the frankly awesome lime green to the range’s flagship red (imagine a classic sports car you can keep cheese in), these new Smeg appliances ooze style and class to beat the band.

So – what are the numbers for? Simple. Add a zero and you’ve got the storage capacity in liters, of each one. Making the Smeg fab30 fridge freezer worth a whopping 300 liters of food and drink – and the Smeg fab32 even more generous, swallowing 3200 liters. Enough, then, to feed a family of five with room to spare. The new Smegs don’t just look good – they’ve been designed as well as all the old Smeg stuff, too.

Favorite design features include specifiable hinge locations, allowing customers to have a fridge freezer whose doors either open to the right or to the left; and the wonderful coalition of old styles and new lines, which manages to make the new Smegs in town look as though they’ve come from a future obsessed with all that was great about the past. There’s a nice even split between fridge space and freezer space, too, ensuring that the Smeg fab30 and the Smeg fab32 both manage to sidestep the traditional shortcoming of most oversize fridge and freezer combinations. The fab30 loses a little freezer space here, presumably in order to retain the generous fridge capacity – but, overall, both are excellent bets for the household with large storage requirements and an eye for fashion.

There aren’t many appliances on this or any other planet that look good enough to cause actual desire: but the new Smegs do so with ease. So much so, in fact, that one has to wonder whether anyone considering a new fridge freezer (provided, of course, they’re as hip to the groove as the design team at Smeg) would even look at another option. The Smeg fab32 and the Smeg fab30 have landed. Don’t ask from where. Just be happy they’re here.