Top 10 Must Have Features of a Gun Safe

Top 10 Must Have Features of a Gun Safe

Well, what do guns offer? Protection? Is it a show piece? Or is it to threaten others? Guns have evolved from over time as Humans did and they have,in fact,attained such a place that they cannot be dispensed from the lives of people.

When guns offer protection to us, we pay our tribute by placing them inside a safe environment – THE GUN SAFE. Wait! Is it the gun which protects us or is it us who protect it? The precise answer is that we protect it until guns have their turn to protect us. Let us have a look at the top 10 “MUST-HAVE” features of a gun safe.


Robust design means that the machinery must be able to deliver its best performance in any kind of situation. Be it a hot environment,a cooler one or a humid condition. This machine must deliver equally in all conditions. So, the selection of materials must be of high importance.


The most difficult security feature to duplicate will be a Biometric security system. With advancements in technology biometric security features are growing stronger and difficult to duplicate. Hence, it is advisable to incorporate the high end technology. It might be costly but the price won’t be a justifiable comparison when you consider life.


The machinery must have all sorts of proof. By proof I mean that it must be fire proof, water proof and air proof.


Purchase a Gun safe with the highest reliability. Have the best and it will prove useful during tense situations. Have more than one security feature in your gun safe. Have a mix of different locking systems such as Mechanical, Electronic, Biometric, Remote operated and so onbecause there must be a good backup system.


Well, if the size of the machine is too large then you might have trouble in handling it. Too small a safe will also prove less useful if there are more guns than the slots available. The Gun safe must be designed in such a way that it makes efficient use of the space. If you shift too often then it is a god idea to have a small and compact one rather than a big one.


The guns must be provided with a sterile environment. If there is humidity inside the gun safe, then the guns may rust. So, it is essential to check and maintain the machinery every now and then. Have a detailed knowledge on how it works and then try to do the maintenance work. Advanced gun safes with secure environment must be preferred over a less secure but cheaper one.


You might think this as an irrelevant one. But tracking your gun safe is always a good idea. In the case of a theft or if you lose your machine, it will be easy to track it with a GPS system rather than doing it manually. In addition to that, if the machine has a feature to inform the police in case of breaking it, then you have James bond technology in your home.


Having an alarming system in your gun safe will help you at times of crisis. The alarm will alert you and your neighbors, and it gives you some vital time to prepare for the unexpected. It is vital to have an alarming system and please do ensure that the machine/ equipment has this important feature. Don’t feel that an alarm might disturb you. It is for the better good.


Gun safe is certainly not a toy. But having a fluorescent feature in it will help you to operate it in darkness. This might help a burglar as well. But the odds are in the favor of the owner. He has the keys to open it. If a person intends to catch the burglars red handed, then this will be the perfect add-on.


Too much weight will be a burden and the inverse will make it fragile. It should be of optimal weight.