Utilizing Every Penny On A Remodeling Project

Utilizing Every Penny On A Remodeling Project

Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling projects are a top priority for an homeowner in their wish lists. And why it shouldn’t be. Not only it enables the homeowners to enjoy the latest trends and the beauty but also get the investment back when it comes to sell. Yes the investment of $$ in your kitchen and bathrooms could be asked while pricing your home to sell. Whether it is the half bath, guest bath or the master bath using natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles and mosaic tile back-splash brings out the best for that space. Half bath, during friends visits, are used by many and reflects your personality. The master on the other hand makes you feel comfortable and pamper yourself after a long, hard day with a steamy shower or a soothing soaking tub.

Kitchen & bathroom makeovers remain so popular that designers, everywhere, regularly field questions from homeowners “how do I get the best and the latest at the cheapest possible price” To that aspect, we have collected important design tips for your next remodel project, at a bargain. Making every penny count.

Light up the place

Open up the space. Get out of the clutter. Adding large windows and skylights lets you draw the outdoors into your space. Get that natural spa feel in your bathroom. Get more natural light in your kitchen. Even your kitchen and bathroom shows well if it is well-lit space. Alternatively use “white light” bulbs instead of the usual yellow bulbs. A few bucks, go a long way.

Extra Storage

Ample storage is paramount. Be it a pantry in the kitchen or extra shelves under a vanity in the bathroom. This should be the major consideration while planing your space. This could include a larger vanity, aesthetically blended shelves or strategically placed cabinet. Any extra storage will help shelve your clutter and stow away unsightly personal products and cleaning supplies.

Tuck away Toilet

Tucking Toilet

Even the latest and unique model of toilet should be considered to be tucked away behind a separate room or a half wall. You could then decorate it with more eye-pleasing accessories to take over as focal point.

Tiles and Mosaics

Natural stone tiles and mosaics are synonyms to luxury. Be it marble or porcelain for your bathroom or travertine tiles and mosaics for your kitchen, Pebble tiles for your shower floors or glass blend mosaics for your kitchen back-splash. Nothing emits more luxury than a natural stone. If a full slab of marble is not a viable option for the bathroom walls you could opt for a more affordable marble mosaics or glass mosaics. Using 1×1 mm mosaics, subway tiles, herringbone, split faced tiles and 3D Mosaics are the newest trend today for your back-splash and wall projects.

Bold Design Statement

If you have a modest budget then creating a visual interest is important and the key to showcase using your imagination. There are numerous ideas today on the internet. Boldness is the way to go. Accomplishing this is easy. You could use a funky painting, oversized flower vase, unique sinks and faucets. The “wow factor” is the element which needs to be incorporated. The elegance and natural veining of a stone brings about the same effect.