Water Cooler Dispenser – Cold Water Whenever and Wherever

Water Cooler Dispenser – Cold Water Whenever and Wherever

A water cooler dispenser is used to dispense filtered chilled water. They are a big hit in most offices and have recently found their way into homes as well.

How Do They Work?

There is a filtration system in place and a cooling system as well. Basically it is a small refrigerator that filters water and cools it so it will be at the ready when called for. The machine needs to be near a constant water supply. The water supply is hooked in through a series of pipes and hoses. The water comes in through the back of the machine and is than passed through a filter, it is than stored in a container inside the machine. There is typically a spout that works much like a water faucet, when the button or the lever on the spout is depressed water is released into a cup. The water is kept at a constant level inside the cooling unit. As water is drawn a float device will activate the lever that when moved up will let the water flow in from the outside water source.

What Are They For?

They are a matter of convenience they provide cool filtered water on demand. They were traditionally only found in public buildings and offices. Today many homes also have these machines to have the option of having cool filtered water at their fingertips. They work on the same principal in the home as they do in any other setting, but the water cooler dispenser that is met for the home is typically smaller than one used in commercial or corporate settings. Most likely the reduction in size is because there are usually a lot less people using the device in a home than there would be using in a commercial setting or in an office setting.

Where to Get One

These devices can be purchased outright or they can be rented. There are several well known companies that are will lease the water cooler dispenser for a monthly fee. There are several options that are made specifically for the home. They are smaller plastic models instead of the bigger, bulkier metal models. The smaller plastic models usually hold less than a gallon of water which is usually fine for home use. These plastic models can usually be bought outright for less than one hundred dollars. A water cooler dispenser can be a great item to have in the home, it can encourage children and adults to drink more water, because it is conveniently available, and children enjoy using the dispenser. They are compact and can easily fit nicely against a wall or in the corner of the room.