Which Is the Best Stackable Washer Dryer?

Which Is the Best Stackable Washer Dryer?

Discovering the best stackable washer dryer appliance is an important part of every home decorating decision. A stackable unit is a perfect size suited for apartments with limited laundry room.  Portable appliances like this one are very useful for many homeowners.  It helps maximize the space in your home for extra working room and place for extra appliance. Here are the list of the best stackable washer dryer choices to help you in making a decision.

Frigidaire GLEH1642-Of all the stackable washer and dryers, this is the top choice among any model. It has a full sized laundry center with a large capacity. It consumes fewer amounts of water as well as electricity. The controls are easily reachable. It has moisture sensors, which enable it to save from consuming a lot of energy. This could be purchase at $1019.  Selecting this brand of washer dryer will be very convenient for your laundry needs and could save you a lot of money from paying high electric bill.

GE WSM2420D -This model is compact and quietest of the group. It could be easily fit in small areas. It is very reliable and has tough structure. It offers an automatic dry feature which makes it easy to control. This model of compact washer dryer can be obtained at $1,146. Considering this type of washing machine could be very suited to your small space allotted for laundry room.

Frigidaire GLTF2940F -This is also a full size stackable washer with a corresponding dryer and is one of the most economical among the compact washer. It has a unique feature which is having a 14 wash cycles. It is also admired for its extreme energy efficient ability which could be seen in your electric bill. You can avail this type of washer dryer for $650. Being impressed with its features, you can take this as your precious washing machine.

Kenmore 88732 -This laundry equipment is very compact with only 24 inches wide. It has a distinctive feature that can easily run on 110/120 volts of power. It is very easy to operate and can bought for a price of $874. Being conscious about the size of washing machine, this is very practical for students or single professionals living in a small unit apartment.

Having the best stackable washer dryer unit will mean efficiency and portability.  Select the washing machine that is suited for your home and requirements.  If your budget allows, consider the unit with a competitive quality.  If you are buying via online shopping, read the reviews of the product to give an insight on its performance as perceived by other people. Recognizing what best stackable washer dryer meant to you, you could then decide and obtain the most efficient unit for you.